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The girl stayed in the town, fearing what the people might do if she left. She continued to do her duties and take the harsh words from the people. She cried at nights, sad, and scared.

One morning, before the people awoke, the girl was out fetching fresh produce for the morning feast, when a woman appeared. She did not recognize the woman.

“Child, why do you cry like this?” She spoke in a soft voice and reached out to hold the girls hand.

“I do not wish to be here, but I cannot leave for I cannot be alone.”

“Oh, my, child…do you not know that when you are surrounded by people who do not love you are alone the most? You must get your things and leave this place and these people. There is a journey that awaits you. You must find yourself.” The girl turned to face the woman but she was gone. Surely the girl could not listen to an imagined woman…but as she thought this, she saw a jar on the ground where the woman stood, it said¬†To Get Away and when she opened it, it was filled with coins. The girl took this as a sign that she must leave this town and so she did.

Before the sun peaked and the people arose she was already gone. She went into the dark forest and began her journey…

Woman standing on footbridge leading to treehouse (digital composite)


Once upon a time, there was a girl who gave everything she had to other people because she never wanted to be alone. But those people got tired of her. She wasn’t always nice to them. You see, she would work for them and cook for them and clean for them and make nice things for them and even buy nice things for them with the little bit of money she had…but the people wanted this all of the time. And she couldn’t clean and cook and work all of the time. So, some times, she would become very sad and angry at the people for wanting to much from her and not caring about her. When she cried the people got angry, they told her she was too young and did not know how to act. The told her that they sacrificed so much for her to be here, they let her live with them and let her be a part of their family. They took her places so she would not be alone anymore and she should be grateful because they did more for her than anyone and all she did was think about herself.

The girl thought about all this, and she knew how much she needed the people, so she would apologize and vow to better next time…but the next time and the next time, the same thing kept happening. She did not want to leave the people and be alone…but she feared the people were dishonest, she feared they just wanted to use her, but mostly she feared she could never be herself or be happy with the people.

One day, she decided she might leave…but where would she go? And how would she get there? More importantly, would she be well when she became alone?Image