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Summer’s heat gives to wanting something colder,
Sweat dripping down our necks wishing it was cooler.
Temperatures keep rising, not much we can do;
Everybody asking, “Fall where are you?”

Changing leaves on trees and much shorter days,
Nights are getting chilly, birds start to fly away.
Wind is inching in and with every hour
The temperature is dropping, we say goodbye to flowers.

Now the nights are long, the sun sets at five pm
And there’s a chill that fills the air, it makes everyone stay in.
Winter’s brutal army makes its way into our town,
With its snow and rain and ice, it turns us upside down.

At first Winter is gentle, saying he is just a friend
Who has come to give our Summer a temporary end.
But then Summer disappears and is nowhere to be found
And Winter walks along, leaving snowflakes on the ground.

We enjoyed the snow, the first day or two,
But it doesn’t go away and we know not what to do.
It was late September when Winter came around
And Spring should have come a month ago to knock him to the ground.

Alas, Spring is late
And now the people wait,
With jackets and boots and scarves and gloves
And the lack of turtle doves
Who used to fill the air with song,
We simply move along.

We cannot play outside.
We cannot wear our summer shoes,
Nor see the flowers in full bloom
Of magenta and chartreuse .
And we have not seen the Spring time birds
In their wonderful shades and hues.
And all of this is why I write
About the Winter Blues.

Yours Truly, Miss Anonymous


Stretching over these cliffs,
Down and across that valley,
Darkening everything as it grows;
And growing as the sun hangs high.
But as it grows, distortion takes it,
No longer is it formed.
No, the shape is not of what it was,
Or of what I am.
No longer is it of me,
Nor is it a part of me.
Then, it shrinks with the sun,
And the night approaches,
Fast, faster does the night come,
And the moon rises.
It’s taking over this thing called my shadow.

-Miss Anonymous

Two shots in the chest that has take life,
Fall to the ground, finally seeing the light.
Bury all this hurt that has become strife
And bury who carried that hurt each night.

A heart stops its beating and ends it all;
Family is grieving her heartache is gone.
Her body hit the floor, her final fall.
Heart never breaks now, light never turns on.

Living with something eating you inside;
Taking your last breath as pain goes away.
No more looking for a place you can hide,
Just sit back and watch the sun rise each day.

When they’re gone, they’re not crying, they’re not sad.
So, why does everyone see death as bad?

-Miss Anonymous

Through the destruction of life, do we deserve to fight?
We hurt, we bleed, we carry strife; we live to live in fright.
No shelter that we can find; no time, no time.
Taking momentary refuge in out minds and walk the line
That divides that mind. No more refuge, no more time.
Living in fright and fighting for life…
Run in the night and carry your strife.
A heavy load…on a winding road…
A choice to make…like a bullet to take…
Can you let somebody take it for you?
Do you deserve to let somebody take it for you?
In the destruction of life…
Do we deserve to fight?

-Miss Anonymous



I am the heart that beats;

Sixty beat a minute,

Or faster when you’re working.

I am the heart that breaks;

Every time you see him,

Every time he’s near.

I am the heart that’s silent;

I have no voice to speak,

Though I wish that you could hear me.

I am the heart inside you;

Listen to my beats,

You’re breaking me again.

I am your heart,

Please stop giving me away.


-Miss Anonymous

Imitation of Walt Whitman’s I Sit And Look Out

I sit and look out at all the

prejudice, and at all the violence and neglect;

I hear all of the chaos, and the

anger in a father’s voice, shameful of his son;

I see the mother haunted by the

ghosts of her past, and the daughter trying to live them down;

I see the death of a young child,

and the family grieving for justice in the world;

I notice the cries for help and the

longing for the one that got away; I see this everywhere;

I observe the would bes and the could

bes and their plans drowned out by unwanted fears;

I watch the ignorance and stupidity of those who discriminate against

the poor, needy, helpless, and lost;

All this – all the horror and hate, I sit

and look out,

I see, hear, and am ashamed.

-Miss Anonymous