So I have another blog on Tumblr. It’s called I’d Rather Be Skinny and, while I hope no one takes offense to it, it’s a blog that track my weight loss, and health change and I post a lot of motivational pics and quotes too. The name isn’t to put anyone down, it’s for me. A lot of people tell me that being chunky (like I am currently) is okay. But I’d rather be skinny, of course, once you look at my blog and read it, I’m doing this is a healthy, get fit way. 

If you want to check it out, it’s at

Anyway, I met a girl, who is struggle with binge eating (which is an eating disorder) and we talk on kik messenger now. I posted my food story online yesterday, mainly to let my followers know that I struggled for a long time, too. This girl is younger and she get’s so cut down by her parents and while we were talking, I gave her as much advice as I could. She seemed to be relived at the end of our conversation, relieved because she now knows a person who went through it and dealt with and made it and is on the right track to being skinny the healthy way. I met her through an anonymous blog. 

I never thought either of my blogs would ever get that much attention. That people may like what I wrote or posted but it would never actually mean anything more. After talking more personally with this young lady, I feel so inspired to keep writing and keep posting and keep working. I feel like my story can actually help others, that my opinions and my writing can have an impact. Who would have thought a diet blog would let me see that? It’s a new day for me. 

Today is the day I realize that my writing, our writing, can make a difference.

All my love, Miss Anonymous